Challenges Faced In Teaching Jobs

Teaching Jobs in schools currently face numerous issues immediately they step into a classroom. Below are some of the issues that teaching job encounters with students.

Increase in number of Students to Higher Levels

Funds for schools in Georgia were cut by nearly $1 billion and the state of the Board of Education vouched for a lift in all class size limits. This has been the case in numerous states. It has become tough for educators although even the students have experienced tougher advancements since they need teachers’ attention even more. According to a recent article, it claimed that there are numerous geniuses in classes that do not get proper educational attention to foster their learning levels. This becomes difficult for teachers to focus their attention in every student of the class leading to poor performances.

Technology Encroachment

A research once claimed that students nowadays are technophiles. They are heavily addicted in video games, smart phones, social media platforms and iPods. Astonishingly, even teachers have fallen in love with the new technology and when they do not they do believe that it’s the only way that a students’ interest can be locked. Although this might seem wholly as an issue certain teachers are using it to their advantage for educational purposes. A testimony from a teacher from New Mexico once claimed she uses Facebook to answer her students’ quizzes and also mentor the students.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has increased in students recently. Girls have been reported to committing suicide after being cyber bullied. Many students are having a difficult time in dealing with this particularly virulent form of bullying. According to research nearly single in three students have admitted to being bullied through the internet or smart phones. This gives teachers a hard time, as their roles in ensuring the safety of their students while in school is being compromised. Therefore, the only way to which cyber bullying can be prevented is by putting in place best policy and experts through having conversations with students.